Regular expression validations on textbox


Regular expression validation on textbox


As the user enters a text in the textbox and clicks on the button *Regular Expression Check, we will display the result in a Label.

We are going to call the constructor function of the RegExp object for this example.


  • Create a new application
  • Drag and drop a textbox, a label, and a button on the canvas
  • Select the button to open its properties
  • Set its Text to Regular Expression Check

Adding the regular expression validation check on the Button Click event

  • In the button properties, click on Create EventHandler. This will open the Button.Click Page


  • Drag and drop a javascript action on the page
  • Enter the following code that will allow the search for a direct match on the text entered in the textbox.
const regexExpression = new RegExp(/d(b+)d/g);
return regexExpression.exec(TextBox.Text);

Let’s display the result in the Label

  • Drag and drop a SetValue action below the javascript. Set its properties as below


Let’s test

  • Preview the application
  • Enter cdbbdbsbz in the textbox and click on the button Regular Expression Check. This will display the result [“dbbd”,“bb”] in the Label.


The sample shows Regex validation using exec and test functions.

Regex Demo.sapz (10.1 KB)

You want to style your textbox upon validation:

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Thanks guys, this post really helped out a lot.

If you would like to validate a string using JavaScript and regular expression, you can use the .test function which will return a true or false value.