Stadium 6.7.3096

New Features:

  • Embedded Files replace the Gallery
    The Gallery editor was an initial way to embed image files into Stadium and use them in your application. This method of embedding files became superfluous ever since we introduced Embedded Files - a much more intuitive and less restrictive way of embedding files into your application.

  • Layout Table control has been removed
    The Table control used for layout purposes has been deprecated and removed from our toolbox in favour of the Grid and FlexBox controls. The Grid and FlexBox controls are much more versatile and stylable controls than the Table control for laying out your page. For Tabular data use the DataGrid or the Grid with a Repeater.
    The following links explain in detail why not to use HTML tables for layout:

  • Enable/Disable the update check
    The automatic update check in both the Designer and the Server can now be enabled or disabled in the Settings.config file. By default, it will be enabled. To disable it, set the EnableUpdateCheck to false. When disabled, the user can still manually check for an update via the Help file menu or the Server Update page.


  • AzureAD renamed to Microsoft Entra ID
  • Add ‘inline’ property to the Grid control


  • Too many rows in the DataGrid caused the search to fail with “500 (Internal Server Error)”
  • Closing the browser during Preview threw an exception
  • Grid prevented adding items to the right and left neighbour cells of inline elements