Stadium 6.5.3055

New Features:

  • Search in the designer
    New search functionality has been added to the Designer allowing you to search for specific names or phrases throughout your application.


  • Select and assign Database.FirstResult to an instance of a Type
  • Assign lists to TextBox.Text and the body of Web Operations
  • Improved performance when opening and closing an application
  • The Repeater.List property can now also be retrieved in scripts and not only set
  • JSON-only properties now show validations for invalid JSON
  • Neaten the Application explorer


  • “Sequence contains no elements” was encountered when starting, stopping and restarting Preview in quick succession
  • Occasionally a “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading authenticationType)” exception was encountered when rebuilding Preview
  • Repeater was not updated after modifying the Repeater.List property
  • A race condition existed when rendering the Repeater items
  • Controls lost their reference when they were cut and pasted across pages
  • The cursor would not indicate that a menu item is clickable in the generated applications
  • Empty curly brackets was not recognized as an empty object in the Designer
  • Repeater in Grid rendered out too many cells
  • The darkened background of the Connection String editor was prematurely removed
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