Stadium 6.3.3019

New Features:

  • Web Service Response Type
    Types simplify building an application and also greatly reduce the risk of future maintenance. The next place types are being baked into the framework of Stadium are Web Services. We already added them to the web service body. Next in line was the web service response. As soon as a web service response is received, an instance of the specified type is created simplifying working with the response from there onwards.

  • Import types from OpenAPI spec
    The OpenAPI spec defines a RESTful web service in detail, down to the types that are being used in that service. Until now, you had to manually define these types in Stadium, but now, when you import an OpenAPI spec these types will also be imported and stored as types under that web service

  • Web Service HTTP Status Code
    Currently, responses other than 200 are handled by Stadium by showing an error notification to the end user. To handle all responses of web services yourself, irrespective of the status code, uncheck the RaiseExceptions property.


  • Allow drilling down into child objects in the ReferenceComboBox
  • List MapItem at the top of the property dropdowns when setting up map expressions
  • Allow configuring the Session Timeout of generated apps

Fixed Bugs:

  • Items Editor did not accept an array not prefixed by a ‘=’
  • A Stadium Script invoked from within an arrow function caused a runtime error in the browser console
  • Page could not be renamed after moving it into a folder
  • ‘Expected a single value.’ validation occurred when assigning an object to the Web Service Body
  • Expressions did not allow specifying JavaScript objects with either single or double quotes
  • No validation was shown if the Repeater was accessed from a control outside of the Repeater
  • Find References returned deleted controls
  • DownloadFile resulted in a too long URL for big files
  • DropDown with a Hint delayed setting its SelectedValue from inside of a script
  • References became invalid when an application was closed and reopened
  • Update script did not update all Mapping expressions
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