Stadium 6.0.2969

New Features:

  • Single Page Applications
    The biggest and most important change of Stadium 6 is the fact that all applications are now being deployed as Single Page Applications (SPAs). One of the main benefits of a SPA is its performance. Faster apps lead to higher productivity and better user experiences, both of which were very important for us when making this decision.
  • Improved preview rebuild performance
    The iterative cycle of debugging an application - preview, make a change, preview - was an extremely time-consuming task in the Designer. This was optimised from 30+ seconds to approximately 3 seconds or less.
  • New action: While
    Looping in scripts is now possible with the new While action. This While action can be configured in one of two ways, either like the standard ‘while loop’ where the condition is tested before the loop or like a ‘do-while loop’ where the condition is tested for the first time only after the first iteration of the loop has been completed.
  • New action: List
    The new List action allows you to quickly define an array which can then be used further down in the script. Use the Items Editor to easily create the items contained in this array.
  • UploadFile control has 2 new events: FileUploaded & FileDeleted
    Two long-awaited events have been added to the FileUpload to aid you in processing files uploaded by the user. These events process the files one-by-one as they are uploaded or deleted.
  • Repeater in Grid
    A repeater can now be used inside of a Grid control to repeat rows. Use this to create something similar to the DataGrid but where you can specify the type of controls in your cells as well as the layout of the individual cells.
  • Typed Repeater
    The Repeater can now be configured to repeat items of a specific type. This simplifies maintenance as the properties can be selected from the dropdown instead of having to type them in. Also, you get the benefit of validations should something change on your type in the future.
  • Object Editor
    Create and populate an instance of a complex Type quickly and easily with the Object Editor.
  • Day.js date library
    We replaced the legacy Moment.js library with the better modern alternative, day.js. Any existing Stadium applications will continue to work with moment.js and no changes are needed.
  • New Dark Theme for the Designer
    The Stadium 6 Designer has been reskinned in a Dark theme. The original theme is still available under the File menu for those who prefer it.
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