Stadium 5.25.2885

New Features:

  • ReferenceComboBox Filter
    The ReferenceComboBox in the Property Grid now has a filter to simplify selecting a value when the dropdown has a lot of items.


  • PageContent on a Template is always rendered on its own line
  • Mapping Editor: Cannot drill down into properties of another type
  • “Sequence contains more than one matching element” when adding a field to a Type definition
  • Mapping Editor expressions add the wrong reference for MapItem
  • Designer: Object reference error when pasting a control after it was deleted
  • Assigning an embedded file to an image in a script causes a broken link icon to be displayed
  • Designer hangs when dragging a container from one flexbox to another
  • Grid Drag & Drop: Can’t drop controls below Layout Controls to create a new row
  • Session variables are not mapped when being assigned to DataGrid.Data