Stadium 5.23.2826

New features:

  • Move from x32 to x64
    We are converting Stadium to generate SPAs (Single Page Applications) when deploying your applications. To enable us to do this, we need to change the Stadium Server to run as 64-bit first.


  • Copying a control now copies the style of that control too

Bug fixes:

  • Designer: Control loses its styling when moved into or out of a Layout Control
  • Application fails to build when web.config is missing
  • OIDC: Stadium does not use the users Name found in the OIDC token
  • Place the focus on the Name property after adding a new control into the Grid control
  • Remove the unexpected partial border around selected cells on Table and Grid
  • New Folders added to EmbeddedFiles are not alphabetically ordered
  • The Styling Editor is unavailable for controls pasted into a container control
  • PropertyGrid shows (ExecutionPath) in the title instead of the appropriate path type, e.g. If, Else, etc.

@anton.platzoeder can you add the release notes as a option to click and read first before you decide to download the new version image

Hi @brianwhite,

Thank you very much for your feedback. I will look into this. In the meanwhile, please have a look at the release notes here in the Stadium community before you download or install the new versions.