Stadium 5.21.2780

New features:

  • Layout Controls
    Three new Layout Controls - Container, Flexbox and Grid - were added to the controls. These three new controls used in combination together with Styling, give you a lot of flexibility regarding the layout of your page.
  • Azure Active Directory
    We are now supporting Azure Active Directory as a Single Sign-on provider for all generated applications. See our docs for more.

Bug fixes:

  • Single Sign-on: Prevent two separate users with the same email sharing the same user on Stadium
  • Designer: Drag and Drop causes “Object reference” error
  • “Action will not be executed” warning showed if Decision.Else is hidden
  • Link pointing to a local page causes 404 when followed
  • 404 when navigating to the Pages.StartPage from the initial landingpage
  • FormWizard does not pick up DataGrids on pages that are in folders
  • CodeSnippet treeview displays arrow for leaf nodes
  • TextBox.Text property unavailable from dropdown for password TextBox
  • Empty value for FileName in FileSystem Connector operations causes ObjectReference exception at runtime
  • Duplicated Name Validation not triggered for actions in different execution paths
  • Testing FileSystem connection with missing Domain returns incorrect error message
  • ConnectionString Editor does not save user and password if Integrated Security is set to true