Stadium 5.20.2764

New features:

  • OAuth
    OAuth was added to the list of authentication options already available to login to your generated apps.

  • URL Editor
    Our new URL Editor makes constructing static or dynamic URLs easy. Thanks to this change, MenuItems now support URLs with parameters as well.


  • Styling: Add a ‘Hover’ pseudo class to the Image control
  • On the DarkRed theme, make the hint and normal text more distinguishable
  • Make moving and placing controls on the canvas easier (drop zones were created on controls)
  • Web Service Function Editor: Move the response section into the canvas

Bug fixes:

  • Install of Stadium failed when following the .NET framework installation on Windows Server 2016 and upwards.
  • Designer Preview: Expressions in actions executed twice
  • The last item is automatically selected if the RadioButtonList specifies a ‘Selected Value’ that does not exist in its list
  • Clicking >> and then << on the DataGrid pager results in nothing happening
  • Expressions do not resolve references in objects within an array
  • Issues with the DropDown hint
  • ‘Right click → Copy’ on controls within a panel copies the parent container instead of the actual control
  • No property validation is shown when the FileType of an EmbeddedFile is changed to an unsupported type
  • Renaming a script name breaks any references to it
  • Designer memory spikes to over 2 GB
  • ; at the end of Chart.Option causes a runtime error
  • An image with a fixed size renders a broken link icon