Stadium 5.19.2736

New features:

  • Blocky Layout
    A minimalistic and neat design for the page canvas to improve the visual overview and layout of your page.


  • Update the icon for the Connection Editor
  • Disable the ‘Create Form’ if no application is open
  • No Secret Setting file is created if no Secret Settings exist
  • Enable/Disable use of CDNs

Bug fixes:

  • Cannot paste into same script after ‘cutting’ an action
  • Cannot paste at the end of a script if action was cut
  • Link Control with Url set to Stadium Page throws Object Reference Error
  • Build failure if control property or action output is used to set CallWebService.Domain
  • Redo fails to apply after several times undo- and redoing a change
  • ‘See it’ button after deployment to SAM does not take the port nr into consideration
  • A field set to a DropDown control type in the Form Wizard throws a NullPointerException
  • Renaming an EmbeddedFile extension is not immediately taken into account in the Designer
  • Preview browser does not replace ‘Build failed’ message when rebuilding an application that failed building the previous time
  • Double validation for incorrect usage of secret setting in actions and controls
  • Refresh of page clears connectionstring error as well in SAM
  • Designer stops responding after deleting a folder in a big application
  • Undo deleting a folder only undoes one step at a time - it should be done in a transaction
  • Clicking a DataGrid LinkColumn of a row containing a byte[] throws an exception
  • ‘Sequence contains no elements’ exception thrown after renaming controls
  • Exception thrown when opening the Settings canvas and the name of at least one Setting is blank
  • Expando object sent in CallWebService body instead of the contents of the object
  • Conditions Editor should not allow to drag an element from the Value Dropdown
  • Name validation should not be triggered for an EventHandlerScript
  • Opening the DefaultTemplate in the Canvas throws an exception