Stadium 5.18.2678

New features:

  • Charts
    Use charts to visualize and highlight important insights found in your data. Stadium uses the eCharts library to render all it’s charts. Most of the examples seen here and more can be used in your applications.
  • Stadium Academy
    Learn how to get started quickly in Stadium and build what you need in record time. For more, see our Academy.


  • Prevent Secrets to be used on Controls and Actions that could cause the secret to be exposed
  • CallWebService execution was moved from client-side to server-side
  • Allow using a driver in an ODBC connectionstring
  • Add a ‘Browse to’ icon in the Publish Editor in the Designer

Bug fixes:

  • ‘If’ statement of the Decision action did not update it’s conditions on the Script Canvas when references are renamed

    • Naming rules of EmbeddedFiles now follow the rules found in Windows Explorer
    • Designer modified and saved the sapz file when opening an application
  • Property ‘Name’ should not allow expressions

  • An Object Reference Exception was thrown on adding a new control/action while another control/action existed without a name (name was blank)

  • Place the focus on the Style Editor after selecting ‘Style’ in the context menu

  • Typing instead of selecting a DSN on the ODBC ConnectionString editor throws an ObjectReferenceException

  • Using a javascript interval timer causes an exception: ‘Argument cannot be null or emptyParameter name: connectionId’

  • Undo and redo of EventHandler causes duplicate validations

  • Undo removes input parameters of eventhandlers

  • FileDialog should not allow selecting/importing/using a non-existent file

  • Actions inside of an Async Block were logged at the wrong indentation level in the Preview Logs