Stadium 5.17.2652

New features:

  • Secrets
    Sensitive information can now be marked as a ‘Secret’ in Stadium. These secrets are never stored in the sapz itself, making it safe to check these files into source control or share them with other people. Read more.


  • New Code Snippets for ‘Date’
  • UX improvements around selecting a LayoutTable cell and dragging the LayoutTable around
  • Show more specific validations when finding invalid character(s) in the name or elsewhere
  • Show an empty placeholder in the paths of block actions, e.g. Decision or DisplayMessageBox
  • Add a blank slate for the query parameters section
  • Generate ODBC queries using the @ notation instead of ?
  • ODBC Query: ‘Fetch Fields & Parameters’ should not overwrite renamed parameters
  • Remove the reserved word restriction on names
  • ReferenceCombobox buttons should expand and be clickable all the way down
  • ReferenceComboBox must show the default editor for the selected value

Bug fixes:

  • Don’t allow ‘undo’-ing the script property assignment on a CallScript action
  • SQL syntax error throws 2 exceptions when ‘Test Query’ is clicked
  • Provide a more descriptive error if a Connector has no ConnectionString
  • Make the username, password and database optional for ODBC database connectors
  • WebService connector should not flag ‘http://localhost’ as an invalid url
  • Changing the Panel Title in a script does not replace the statically assigned title
  • Validation message ['Incorrect number of parameters for Script] shown even when parameter count is correct
  • Cannot Delete A Sub Folder In ‘Pages’ Node.
  • Exception [Cannot set property ‘opener’ of null] encountered when pop-ups are being blocked
  • ‘Classes’ property must not be accessible in scripts when StyleSheet is not enabled.
  • Controls inside of a LayoutControl are not available for individual styling
  • Output of actions are not available for use lower down in the same Async block
  • Copy and paste Async into itself causes an exception
  • Do not allow changing the name of ‘WaitFor’ or ‘DoNotWaitFor’ of Async
  • Find References only finds one of multiple references
  • A Setting with an invalid name displays 2 validations
  • Deleting a script output parameter throws a NullReferenceException
  • Undo deletion of a container control, e.g. LayoutTable, should restore the control and the controls inside of it.
  • Changing query parameter names causes an NullReferenceException