Stadium 5.16.2625

New features:

  • Async action
    Allow the user to continue with his or her work by running tasks asynchronously in the background. Alternatively, run a couple of long-running tasks simultaneously and wait for them all to be completed before continuing to run other actions in the script.

Other smaller changes:

  • Several smaller improvements were made around Styles, including Undo / Redo
  • The Else leg of the If action is now optional
  • All script parameters together with their values are now logged to the Preview Logs
  • When removing or adding Input Parameters to a script, a validation will indicate any affected script invocations in a JavaScript action
  • The Publish Dialog in the Stadium Designer was redesigned
  • The toolbar button, App, was removed
  • EmbeddedFiles now show the full breadcrumb in a reference
  • URL validation was added to the Web Service connector when setting it up
  • A SQLite database can now be accessed via an ODBC connection
  • The minified jQuery library is now used in the generated applications
  • Drag handles were added to the options on the Options Editor

Bug fixes:

  • Several issues around ‘Styles’ were resolved
  • ‘Preview Logs’ threw an exception complaining about the connectionId
  • Assigning null or undefined to ListControls.Options or DataGrid.Data did not set the data to an empty dataset.
  • The text “Starting Web Server” was cut off on the Preview button
  • Deleting, undoing and then deleting the same output parameter again caused an exception
  • Multi-selection of cells in a LayoutGrid in order to merge the in-between cells works again
  • It was not possible to click the trashcan on the UploadFile control to delete an uploaded file on specific screen widths
  • A build issue, encountered during Preview, caused IISExpress to fail when starting up
  • A Page and Template with the same name caused an exception when deleting either one
  • Pressing [CTRL + N] closed the unsaved application without prompting the user to save it first
  • In certain cases, an incorrect error message was shown when ‘Fetch Fields and Parameters’ was clicked on a db Query
  • Copy-pasting a connector caused an “Index was outside the bounds of the array” exception.
  • No value in the ConnectionString property of a FileSystem connector caused a loading exception
  • On the generated application, simultaneously uploading multiple large files on the UploadFile control caused the web app to not respond timeously.
  • The DataGrid should ignore any object properties that do not map to existing columns by name