Stadium 5.15.2606

New features:

  • Styles
    Style your application quickly and easily by using our new Styles editor. Style buttons, links, datagrids and more across your entire application or style a specific control on a specific page.

  • Preview Logging
    Detailed preview logs for databases and file connectors are now logged as well.

Other smaller changes:

  • Show a validation message if a page, control, action, etc. was given an invalid name
  • Click & Hold anywhere on a Panel, except the child controls, to drag it around
  • DatePicker.Date should return a Date object, not a string
  • Click & Hold anywhere on a LayoutTable, except the child controls, to drag it around
  • Click & Hold anywhere on a LayoutGrid, except the child controls, to drag it around
  • NavigateToPage should be settable using controls, settings, parameters, etc

Bug fixes:

  • Add button (+) disappears offscreen when Connector name is very long
  • Do not reveal the name of the FileSystem connector user when access is denied
  • Url does not update the canvas when the Url property value is used to set the Text property
  • Preview loading spinner does not disappear
  • Application Explorer loses focus when specific page is selected
  • Inconsistent way of showing error messages when importing swagger files
  • Undo/Redo does not refresh the Columns list in the DataGrid Columns Editor
  • Issues around the Expression Editor on all List Controls and the Chart Control
  • Wrong syntax highlighting in Code Editor
  • Right-click on dropdown in canvas does not select the control
  • Find References opens ghost objects
  • Finding References on upgraded ForEach action throws a NullReferenceException