Stadium 5.14.2577

New features:

  • Session Variables
    Create session variables that will be available across pages and scripts for the lifetime of the user session.

  • Application Properties in the Designer
    ‘HTTP Response Headers’ and ‘Maximum File Upload Size’ can now be set for your application from within the Designer. This allows you to set them while building your application, thereby simplifying the initial deployment of that application.

  • Find References
    Easily find where a page parameter, script parameter, setting, control or action output was used in your application.

  • Preview Logging
    Preview Logging now logs the details of a web service call. These logs include the url, values and other info that was actually sent to the web service.

Other smaller changes:

  • Stop Preview when using ‘Save as’ on an application
  • Do not timeout the user’s session when Previewing an app
  • Add a Url property to the Link control
  • Add a ‘Roles’ property to the Session -> LoggedInUser
  • New Code Snippets for ‘Math’
  • Generated applications: Display breadcrumb in all toaster errors
  • document.title is now available in Expressions
  • jQuery ($) is now available in expressions used in a script
  • EmbeddedFiles should be available for use in scripts
  • Indicate Null values in the Query Test results for bit values
  • Fix the styling differences on the Users and the Roles pages in the generated apps Admin section
  • Double click to add controls / actions
  • Double click a ‘call script’ action to navigate to the script
  • Double click the ‘execute connector function’ action to navigate to the function

Bug fixes:

  • DataGrid Overlaps Panel Lines
  • Only scroll the canvas if the mouse cursor is on the side of the canvas
  • App Login Screen: Password textbox loses focus while entering a value
  • Some HTTP errors were not handled by the error page
  • Rebuilding an application while previewing it hangs when an exception occurs during generation.
  • Reference to script output was not restored during undo
  • OAS3 files caused errors when importing them into Stadium
  • Do not allow duplicate Folder names under EmbeddedFiles
  • An InvalidReference should show a javascript error in the Expression or Code Editor
  • ‘Max Upload File Size’ allows content to be downloaded if it is under 1MB bigger than the limit
  • Renaming causes ‘ghost’ columns to appear on DataGrid
  • Cancel the deletion of an image from ImageGallery causes an exception to occur
  • Property DropDown.Options is initialised too late
  • Designer: Undo of Panel Border Colour does not update Property tab
  • Executing Scripts in the Code Editor generates the output parameters as input parameters
  • Undo/Redo does not refresh the Columns list in the DataGrid Columns Editor
  • ‘Sequence contains no matching element’ thrown when deleting a CheckBox control immediately after adding it on the Canvas
  • Page Script is not generated when visiting the page in the browser
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when login to application fails
  • Do not allow to add an output parameter to an eventhandler
  • NavigateToPage.DestinationPage does not resolve Controls used in an expression