Stadium 5.12.2379

Important Info:

After updating your Stadium Server, you might encounter a 503 error for a couple of minutes. This is expected and the result of some installer changes that we had to make. No action is required from you apart from waiting a couple of minutes after the 503 error is encountered and then refreshing the webpage.

New features:

  • Stadium Application Manager
    SAM is completed! It uses https now and additionally allows to change the Login Mode, flip into Debug Mode, activate the User API or view the Update History of applications.

  • Remote Deployment
    Deploy to a remote Stadium Server from within your Designer.

  • Custom CSS
    A stylesheet is now available as part of your application. Custom style your application in here using css. We are busy improving this to be even simpler and more efficient in the future.

  • JavaScript action
    Write your own JavaScript and run them in any script or in-between any actions.

Other smaller changes:

  • Better alignment in quick form wizard for parameter section
  • Undo now works for Merge and Splitting of cells in a LayoutGrid

Bug fixes:

  • Application Manager Users allowed adding duplicate user emails
  • Copying a page causes reference issues
  • Page parameter if not supplied at runtime resolves to an empty string when used in a Script but Null when used in a Page
  • Anti-forgery token exception is shown when an application is deleted and redeployed with another authentication type
  • Canvases docked next to each other both display as the active canvas
  • DataGrid has no right border when any column is marked as invisible
  • DataGrid Export does not retain date format
  • Drag-and-dropping menu items in the Menu Items Editor throws an exception
  • Setting Label.Text to null in a script has no effect
  • No validation shown for calling a missing script
  • Click event on a DataGrid Ellipsis column causes an exception