Prevent recreating the IIS Application Pool on redeploy

Deploying a new application on the Stadium Server, creates the web application as well as a specific IIS Application Pool for that application. When this application is then redeployed, the IIS Application Pool is also recreated to ensure that the application works as expected after deployment.

However, in some scenarios, recreating the IIS Application Pool is not the desired behaviour. Setting the "RecreateIISAppPoolOnDeploy” configuration setting on the server achieves this, but still allows all new applications to create a new application pool on initial deployment.

Please note: This configuration setting is a server-wide setting. I.e. all applications deployed to that Stadium Server, are affected by this setting.

How to stop recreating the Application Pool:

  1. Open c:\ProgramData\Twenty57\Stadium 6 Server\Settings.config in notepad

  2. Add or update the <add key="RecreateIISAppPoolOnDeploy” value=”false” />. The value can be set to true or false. The default value is true.

  3. Restart the Stadium Server service.