Populate dropdowns with data from the database

Populating a dropdown list from database data can be very easily done in Stadium. We will use Field mapping to map data to texts and values of dropdown list.

SQLServer with Northwind database (to run sample below)
or create a table named Region with 2 fields: RegionDescription and RegionID in the database of your choice.


  1. Create a new application and drag a dropdown list on the Startpage designer
  2. Create a database connection
  3. Create a query and name it GetRegions
    SELECT RegionID,RegionDescription FROM dbo.Region;
  4. Open the StartPage.Load EventHandler
  5. Drag and drop the query GetRegions in the StartPage.Load designer
  6. Drag and Drop a SetValue action in the StartPage.Load designer
  7. Set the Target of SetValue to RadioButtonList.Options
  8. Follow the following steps to set the Value
  • Click on the dropdown button to select the source as NORTHWND_GetRegions.Results
    This will automatically show the fields that allow mapping.
  • For Text select MapItem and choose RegionDescription
  • For value select MapItem and choose RegionID


The value code should appear as the value

= await ~.NORTHWND_GetRegions.Results.mapAsync(async MapItem => ({
	text: MapItem.RegionDescription,
	value: MapItem.RegionID
  1. Click on preview
    and you should be seeing your result! Congratulations!

PopulateRadioButtonListFromDatabase.sapz (7.2 KB)

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