Mysql connection

Is it possible to use a MySql database as connector?
I see that there is ODBC option but…how to setup for this use?


Welcome to the Stadium Community!!

Yes, it is possible to connect to a MySQL database in one of 2 ways:
‘Using a DSN’ or ‘Using an ODBC Driver name’.
I will outline both of these methods in more detail below.

Using a DSN

  1. Create a DSN. This article explains how to do that in detail. Once the DSN has been created, return to the Stadium Designer.

  2. Add a Database Connector by clicking the Connector button in the toolbar.

  3. On the Database Connection Editor:

    • A - Set the Connection Type to ODBC
    • B - Select your DSN from the dropdown
    • C - Set the username, password and database fields. If they are present on your DSN, you can safely omit them here.
  4. Test your connection to complete your setup.

Using an ODBC driver name

  1. Add a Database Connector by clicking the Connector button in the toolbar.

  2. Close the Database Connection Editor, as we will be adding the connection string manually in this case.

  3. In the Property Grid:

    • A - Set the Connection Type to ODBC.
    • B - Type in your Connection String. You can consult for help with the format of the connection string. The string I used was Driver={MySQL ODBC 8.0 ANSI Driver};Server=localhost;Port=3306;Database=sakila;User=;Password=;.
      I removed the user and password for security reasons.
  4. Re-open the Database Connection Editor and click the Test Connection button.

That is it! You have set up a connection to the MySQL database using an ODBC driver.