Master/Detail relationship and layout

Please add Master/Detail feature. This will allow us to define Master/Detail relationship between two tables in Stadium Designer.

In addition, Stadium Designer should be able to generate the Master/Detail layout in List page of Master table.

For example, we can display the orderdetails table from orders List page by clicking on the + button, without having to open the new page.

Hi Masino,

You are able to create a master/detail view by using the events and scripts in Stadium. You can accomplish this by doing the following:

  1. Create your ‘master’ table by dragging a DataGrid onto the page.
  2. Open the Columns editor of the DataGrid and add all the columns you want to display. Make any of these columns in your DataGrid clickable by adding an EventHandler to it. E.g. In your example of the orders you could add an EventHandler to the ‘Order ID’ column.
  3. In the EventHandler, use the row data being passed into the EventHandler as parameter to load the detail of that row and assign the data to the detail controls.

Please let me know if you need more help in accomplishing this.