Filtering Data Grid

Hi, I want apply a filter on my Data Grid in Stadium 6 as previously available in Stadium 4. How do I achieve this? I see there is a search bar now available on the data grid, is that the only filter available?


Hi Pieter-Jan,

Yes, that is the only filter available on the DataGrid.

You are free to build a more advanced or scenario-specific filter in Stadium 6 using the Stadium controls and events and apply this either before retrieving the data from the datasource (if the datasource allows filtering) or before binding it to the DataGrid.

Ok, so I have created a filter panel as below and integrated the filter values into a SQL query to filter and set the values of the data grid accordingly.

This method works quite well.

I would like to improve upon this by applying the filter in time as the user enter values, is that possible with Stadium 6 or should I add this functionality with Java Script?

Thanks in advance.

Here is the SQL query.