Dynamically Databind Uploaded Images To A Repeater

You’ve uploaded images using the UploadFile action. You want to view the images uploaded to check that you’ve uploaded the right images before saving or sending the images.

We’ll use data binding to show how we can dynamically display uploaded images via the UploadFile action in a repeater.


Build the visual template
Drag and drop the controls to have the visual template as in picture below.

  1. Set the Button text as Display Image
  2. Add a button Click event
  3. Drag a javascript action inside the ButtonClick script
  4. Enter the following javascript code
    Repeater.List = UploadFile.Files;
  5. Set the image’s image property as = Repeater.ListItem.FileContents
  6. Preview your solution.
    Drag and drop images in your UploadFile section and click on the Display Image button.

ImageDatabinding.sapz (8.3 KB)