Disable the UpdateCheck

Both the Stadium Designer and Server automatically check whether a new version is available and immediately notifies the user should there be one. This is mostly the preferred functionality but it does happen that this needs to be disabled. e.g. when running Stadium in an on-premise scenario where no internet is available.

The EnableUpdateCheck configuration setting controls this.

How to disable the UpdateCheck:

  1. Open the Settings.config file. This file is located underneath
    c:\ProgramData\Twenty57\Stadium 6 Designer
    c:\ProgramData\Twenty57\Stadium 6 Server

  2. Add or update the <add key="EnableUpdateCheck" value="false" />. The value can be set to true or false. Default is true.

“Background download” for the server

The Stadium Server has one additional configuration setting, i.e. AllowBackgroundDownload. This setting lets the server download the update before notifying the user of the new update. To switch this setting off, add the following setting to the Server’s Settings.config:
<add key="AllowBackgroundDownload” value=”false” />