Custom Excel Export

If you want to allow users to download data in Excel without showing the data in a DataGrid, you can follow the steps below. The CSS hides a DataGrid while continuing to show its’ export icon.

  1. Create a datagrid that contains the data you want to export to Excel
  2. Switch on “Allow Export” in the DG properties
  3. Add a class to identify the DataGrid to the classes in the DG properties (I added ‘exportdatagrid’ in my example)
  4. Paste the CSS below into the StyleSheet of your application (if you don’t have a stylesheet in your Application Explorer you can enable it in the Application properties)

.exportdatagrid .data-grid-header .data-grid-search-container,
.exportdatagrid .data-grid-header .data-grid-quick-help-divider,
.exportdatagrid table {