Cheat sheet for Expressions

Hi, is there a cheat sheet for the expression editor somewhere?
I find that the code snippets aren’t really that relevant for the scenarios that I face and I end up searching for answers online.

At the very least, consider adding this link to the Expression Editor to help users that get stuck:

Hi Nem,

Welcome to the Stadium community!

The Code Snippets are still relatively new and currently only contain fundamental help item that we considered useful to the user. Please let us know what type of questions you battled with so we can consider extending the code snippets to include these.

Thank you for the advice regarding the link. We will immediately add the link to the docs for the Expression Editor

Cool, thanks Anton. I will send you some examples as and when we come across something that we feel will be relevant. I believe that enriching the code snippets as we go (either on the designer, or allowing you to ‘import’ snippets) is the best way forward.