Stadium 5.22.2819

New features:

  • Repeater
    Build a visual template to display your dataset on the page. At runtime, this visual template will be applied to each object/row of your data.
  • Application Head Property
    This property allows you to add 3rd party JavaScript libraries, custom CSS stylesheets, etc., into the element of the HTML page. Once added into the element, you can use those scripts or stylesheets on any page in your application.


  • Amount validator should allow amounts without decimals.
  • ‘await’ is added into the code/expression editor when calling a script.

Bug fixes:

  • Session Variable is not set before continuing with the script.
  • Preview Logs should display the result of expressions.
  • Designer: Control styling lost when moved into a Layout Control.
  • A page parameter with the same name as a variable causes a runtime exception in the generated app.
  • Expressions are not resolved again when one action is replaced with another one with the same name.
  • Designer: The Quick Form Wizard throws an “Object Reference” error.
  • ‘Browse to application’ buttons on SAM do not consider the port nr.
  • Reuploading a file with the same name into EmbeddedFiles causes an error at generation time.
  • Cannot delete folders under EmbeddedFiles.
  • Set Value: Empty Target property causes Object Reference error.
  • Secrets are not sent through when using a CallWebService action.
  • “Email is required” error when updating applications and using a password manager.
  • Able to drag PageContentPlaceholder across Templates.

Hi @anton.platzoeder,

Can you please give me an example of how the Repeater feature work. I am not having any joy here.

Thank you

Hi Brian,

Here is an example of how to use the Repeater. I hope this helps!

Please let me know if you have any other questions.